Scott Smith Media Collection

Scott Smith and the COBRA Firing Systems team are well known as the experts in pyrotechnics. Below you will find a variety of media features where they share their knowledge, experiences, and interactions with fellow pyro enthusiasts. Interested in learning more about Scott? Send your questions via a contact form. 

Spirit of '76 goes to cobra-con 2019

COBRA-Con was created out of a desire to unite customers and share educational resources regarding the industry, and firework education for the shooter.

Scott Smith COBRA interview with pyro talk

Scott talks with Dave, the pyro enthusiast behind Pyro Talk, about how he came to build COBRA and how he uses customer feedback to constantly improve products.

COBRA Firing Systems- From Joes to Pros

Whether you’re lighting off fireworks in the backyard or in a stadium, it’s important to have control and confidence. With COBRA’s lightweight technology and superior …

Scott Smith Saratoga Springs

Scuba diving can be an amazing experience that brings you face to face with schools of beautiful fish and wildlife that you have never seen before. Scott …

Scott Smith Saratoga Springs

Scott speaks with online entrepreneur magazine, Inspirery, about how he started a career in pyrotechnics and how he made COBRA into a success.

Customer service is the backbone of a successful businesses. It can be the foundation of a business’ growth or downfall and should always be the …